Financing your business is always a headache, as is navigating your way through all the many and varied different types of finance. These can vary depending on anything from the size of your business to what it is that you actually do, and each type of finance has its own benefits.
For example, let’s look at construction finance. Construction finance is available to anyone operating in the field of construction, whether they are contractors themselves or sub-contractors whose services are provided under a framework agreement, contract or purchase order. It’s basically a simple and efficient way of unlocking cash for investing back into your business.

Put simply, construction finance frees up money, which is currently “in limbo”, for example in staged invoices or applications for payment. It can be frustrating to know that money is legally yours and yet to still be unable to use it to advance the interests of your operation. Construction finance offers fast access to this money, and funding is usually advanced within 24 hours. This can be a lifesaver when your outgoings are dependent on your income, and your clients are being tardy in coming up with the cash.

At SME funding UK limited, we have access to over 200 lenders, and once we have chosen the one that is best suited for your needs, and a facility has been approved, all you need to do is submit your billing to the lender, who will release an agreed percentage of the total value to you, with the rest being released to you once your customer has made a payment.

Not only do we have the connections, but we also have the experience. We have over two decades’ worth of experience in invoice finance and commercial funding, which, combined with our large list of contacts enables us to offer “whole of market” solutions to our clients.
We will handle your application and your initial contacts with the lender, allowing you to build a successful business relationship safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with the people best able to help you with your particular business needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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