It would not be much of an exaggeration to say that small and medium-sized enterprises are the lifeblood of the UK economy. While it’s the heavy hitters who usually make the headlines, for reasons which should be obvious enough, SMEs are a fundamental driver in the country’s prosperity. And while many are certainly feeling the fallout of the referendum vote to leave the European Union in terms of business uncertainty and a precarious financial climate, as multinationals start threatening to up sticks and leave the country, SMEs become an even more vital source of growth and stability.

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According to a study conducted in the October of last year by Hampshire Trust Bank, the period from 2016 to 2025 will see growth in contributions to the UK economy by SMEs in the country’s top ten cities of 19 percent. At the time of the survey their contribution to the economy was £202 billion, with the end of the forecast placing it at £241 billion. Hampshire Trust Bank’s chief executive, Mark Sismey-Durrant, this growth in the importance of SMEs means it is vital that the government creates an environment which will allow them to thrive as they try to navigate the choppy waters of the post-Brexit world.

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And of course, the most important thing for businesses is where the money comes from to allow them to start generating their own. Which is where SME Funding UK comes in. We understand the importance of SMEs, and have made it our mission to help them fulfil their greatest potential. We have over two decades of experience in commercial funding and invoice finance, and in this time we have developed a great deal of excellent working relationships with myriad lenders across the United Kingdom. We deal with your application and with the establishment of your initial relationship with the lender, offering you that foot in the door that is so vital when it comes to business negotiations. We have access to over 150 lenders, and we offer a “whole of market” service, dedicating ourselves to finding you the best deal rather than pushing you to accept a deal which may not be right for you.

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