Corporation Tax, Self Assessment Tax and VAT Finance

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Corporation Tax, Self Assessment Tax and VAT Finance

At SME funding UK we can source finance for VAT, Corporation Tax and Self Assessment Tax debts to HMRC.

Many companies will experience unexpected tax debts which can often be hugely detrimental and can result in closure. It is possible to avoid calamity by using finance to pay these debts with a simple monthly repayment plan. Financing can also be beneficial in avoiding fines for late payment as heavy penalties can be implemented. Many traditional banks do not lend for VAT or Tax debt. If the tax is current, the rates will be much lower for businesses with a good set of accounts.

What are the benefits of funding VAT or other taxes on a loan?

  • Helps with cash flow issues
  • Helps companies retain working capital
  • Fixed, monthly repayments which can be made direct to HMRC
  • Excellent rates
  • Simple to arrange
  • Quick decision from funders

To source this type of funding you will be required to give personal and/or corporate guarantee to support the finance Agreement with your company. You may also be asked to provide a guarantor to guarantee businesses liabilities. Additionally, (and this depends on credit status and amount borrowed) the lender will require a unilateral notice or Legal Charge over your residential property (or business property and/or any guarantor’s residence property). A fixed and floating charge over the assets of your company – a debenture – will also be required.

We can provide VAT finance on commercial property purchases, and help with the reclaim too.

We can help property developers with their VAT reclaims and can lend against the VAT being reclaimed.

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