Once you’ve identified the business or concern you wish to acquire you now need to finance it! This is where the help of an experienced funding broker is invaluable. Your time is precious, can you really afford to waste it?

No matter how well versed you are with funding options it’s always beneficial to go with a specialist who will know the most advantageous route forward for your particular purchase.

As a business owner you want fast results combined with the knowledge that you are in expert hands. It’s also important to know that the funds are coming from ethical sources and that you are getting the best deal in terms of repayments.

This is where the expertise of SME funding UK Ltd and its CEO, Henry Audley-Charles – can be of great benefit. SME funding are brokers with over 20 years experience of banks, invoice financiers and independent funders and they are extremely well connected within the business finance industry.

SME funding UK Ltd have access to over 200 funding sources from high street banks, Challenger Banks, Fintech, Alternative lenders, Peer-to-Peer platforms and ‘Angel’ investors. This means we can offer a ‘whole of market’ solution to our clients – they assess all the options and give you the best funders and deals to consider. Additionally, they handle the application for you and manage the initial relationship with the funder, which saves you time gives them the opportunity to present you with the facts, rather than the sales spin, so common within this industry.

If you need to borrow money then SME funding UK Ltd can probably help. They can usually find funding for any UK business including for the purchase of new companies, and can even help start-ups, those with weak accounts or a poor credit history – including those with CCJs.

If you’re interested in sourcing funding to purchase a new business, contact Henry at SME funding Ltd today.

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