As any small business owner will know, one of the most important things to secure in order to ensure that your operation is a success is funding. At SME funding UK we are here to help you with a “whole of market” service, having successful relationships with funders across the country.

We can assess all the options for you and find the type of funding and lender that will be most suitable to your needs. This can range from shareholder protection insurance to giving credit to your retail customers. Perhaps one of the most useful services we can organise for you is a bridging loan.

 Bridging loans are traditionally used by people (mainly homeowners) buying property in order to bridge the gap between selling a home and receiving the keys to their new one, a period that can otherwise be spent in financial limbo. Businesses can use them either for property or to cover the period between a debt falling due and a line of credit becoming available.

If you are buying property at auction, it is important to be able to get hold of the cash quickly – there is usually a 28-day window after a successful bid in which you have to pay, so a bridging loan can come in very handy as long as you have credit coming in with which to pay it back. Some lenders will agree financing before the auction takes place.

A bridging loan will usually last between one and eighteen months. It is important to establish your exit strategy before going in, in other words, make sure you will be in a position to pay it back when the debt is due, otherwise you are in a worse position than you were when you started. Bridging Loans can be particularly useful for a business that is just starting out and looks set to be a success, because it can take some of the pressure off the company in the early stages and allows it to cover costs before starting to turn a profit.

If Bridging Loans are something that you might consider beneficial we can handle your application and the initial contact with the lender, meaning you don’t get bogged down in jargon and sales pitches. This method tends to be simpler for most clients as we can report back the facts and figures and help you decide which lender is best for you.

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