When running a business, no matter how out of the box you may consider your thinking, there are certain basic and inescapable conditions that need to be met. You need a product or service, and you need investment. Unless you are entirely online you also need premises out of which to operate. Buying or leasing property is enough of a headache in the domestic sphere: when you factor in the bureaucracy and red tape surrounding properties used for business the whole process can turn into a minefield. And, of course, the biggest problem of all is – where is the money coming from?

Even more so than in the residential sector, every business mortgage is unique, so it is vital that you find one that is suitable for your particular needs and don’t end up locked into something you’ll regret for years to come.

All this is set to become yet more complex as competition in the mortgage industry has driven lenders to take on ever-riskier loans. The Bank of England warned in May of this year that new regulations may become necessary, with the Prudential Regulation Authority’s Sam Woods warning that the PRA would be “watching… like a hawk”. Unless you’re a finance professional yourself, these could be some very choppy waters to navigate.

Which is where we come in. At SME Funding UK, we specialise in sourcing funding for small and medium-sized enterprises that is tailored to their specific requirements. We offer business mortgage solutions from across the whole market.

Our business mortgages cover every kind of commercial property, including interest-only mortgages, fixed rates, longer-term repayment mortgages and variable mortgages linked to LIBOR or bank rates. We can usually arrange business funding of up to 75% loan to property value, or with additional security up to 100 percent. 
With access to over 150 lenders across the country and years of experience in sourcing funding for small businesses, we can ensure that your business’s funding strategy is in safe hands, and we can guarantee that your funds are ethically sourced and will be the best available for your needs.

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