At some point during their trading existence, most companies will require, or would benefit from, additional finance. Not all of them will apply for it – nor should they – but its important and reassuring to know that finance is available.

This is an important point. Whereas the majority of business owners are aware that business loans are available, very few would know how to approach the task of actually getting one. Nor are they aware of the various different types of finance they can source, or which is most appropriate to them. And, to be frank, why should they be aware? Running one’s own business and constantly searching for new clients and sales is demanding enough, without being conversant with all aspects of available finance.

Which is why brokers like SME funding exist.

Many businesses simply don’t know where to turn if they need funding to alleviate cash flow problems or expand with new IT or staff. Often the banks are unable or unwilling to help or simply take too long. Funding brokers will typically have access to a substantial number of funding sources (SME have access to over 200) of different types – be they high street banks, ‘Challenger’ banks, Fintech sources, Peer-to-Peer and even ‘Angel’ investors.

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