At the beginning of this year (2019) there were 5.82 million small businesses in the UK.

That’s an almost incredible figure, meaning that there is a small business (0-49 employees) for every 12 or 13 people in the UK, including pensioners and children. It’s also 99.3% of all businesses in the UK and 99% of the business population.

Of these businesses 3.5 million were sole traders, 2 million were limited companies and 405 thousand were partnerships. Roughly half were VAT registered.

Now not all of these businesses will be successful of course – but it is clear to see the importance of private sector companies to the economy as a whole. The FSB estimates a total turnover of £2.2 trillion for 2019.

Businesses in general serve one (or more) of three functions:

  • They create or save the customer money
  • They create or save the customer time, or
  • They mitigate risk

Here at SME funding UK we fulfil all 3 of the above in our services to small and medium sized businesses.

  • Our expertise in the funding sector (we now have access to well over 200 ethical funding sources) means that we can raise money for companies in all manner of spheres – please take a look at the types of lending we can source here.
  • Our knowledge of the industry allows us to apply for funds on your behalf much faster than business owners can do on their own. Loan applications can be very time consuming, particularly if you have no experience in this sphere.
  • We get to understand the nature of your funding requirements and, using our 20+ years of experience, will contact the correct lender for your needs. Risks and repayments can be structured to suit your needs.
We are very proud of our role in helping SMEs secure the business funding they need to be successful. If you’d like more information please contact us using the details below.

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