It’s not surprising that businesses need additional funding on occasion. The intricacies of the economy (with or without the uncertainties of Brexit) is not necessarily the major speciality of most SME owners. Cash flow is King, and if you can find a business owner who hasn’t had worries about cash flow they’re either a genius or extremely fortunate.

This blog has detailed the benefits of using a broker in the past and it’s not my intention to cover old ground. What we have not covered is our actual process – how we work with SME owner(s) to get the best results for them.

As we’ve said before, you are the expert of your OWN business, very few business owners can claim to be experts in raising business funding too. Our aim is to save you vast amounts of time in research and to act as a guiding light through the maze of funding opportunities available.

So, in the first instance we’ll meet up for a free, no-obligation conversation where we’ll discuss what you need and get an in-depth understanding of your business and what it requires. This makes it simpler to qualify what type of funding is best suited for you. It is crucial that you, as the applicant for funding, are kept informed at each stage of the process.

Thereafter, we approach the lenders on your behalf, which naturally saves you an enormous amount of time and stress. Once we have the terms of any potential loans we’ll sit down with you again and go through each proposition to make sure that you are aware of the pros and cons of each.

This process ensures that the correct decision is reached and you can relax in knowing that you will have sourced the requisite funds at the best repayment rates. At this point we will help with the application and explain the ‘T’s & C’s’ and go through any legal documents that are associated with the loan.

Customer service is the issue here. Taking out business loans or funding can be stressful and having an experienced broker (we have access to over 200 lenders here at SME funding Ltd, for example) to explain the intricacies of the process in plain English can be remarkably re-assuring.

If you have any enquiries or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact a funding specialist who can guide you to the best options and source the best solution for your particular business.

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